Benefits of Reverse Channel Letters

March 15, 2020 0 Comments

A business sign is the one thing that promotes your business or your shop even when it is closed while you are at your home watching your favorite show. For this reason, your business sign must be a unique one that can create a deep impact. Several options are available for business signs, each having its unique qualities and drawbacks. But here today, you will get to read why reverse channel letters can prove to be best for your business sign.


Reverse channel letters are not your average type letters. Also known as halo-lit channel letters, do the opposite of standard type letters as they are not lit up at night. Instead, the light glows behind the letters and reflects, creating a halo effect. This property makes the reverse channel letters nocturnal animals, and they glow off their uniqueness at night. Having them draws a clear line of separation between you and many other businesses using standard signs.

Long Distance Viewership

Reverse channel letters have the capabilities of being seen from far away. They are easy to distinguish from other standard signs and distractions of the city lights. They glow to make your business grow.

3D Effects

Using three-dimensional signs is a great way to attract customers and leave a lasting impact on their minds. Using the backlit channel letter allows you to create 3D effects for your letters. These signs create an immense difference in not only how you represent your business but also create a sense of trust and loyalty among the customers.

Special Effects

Ordering reserve channel letters from a company like Excel Sign Systems LLC can also fulfill your signage appetite by giving special effects to your letters. The special effects are special because they can emphasize the main product or food item of your shop or restaurant.

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