Dimensional Sign Letters – Taking your Business Higher

August 15, 2020 0 Comments

To make your business rush, you need to give it a little acceleration with attractive, durable, and enticing dimensional sign letters! Dimensional lettering is a popular way of advertising & promoting a business. These signs are made from different materials like aluminum, acrylic, foam, steel, formed plastic, and more. So the choices are wide and expanding.

With all the overwhelming choices, it can be difficult to choose from. How would you figure out which is best for your business? To help you choose, here are some pros of the trending dimensional lettering styles.

Flat Cut Metal

These are a great pick for indoors & outdoors. You can choose steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, or copper finishes or even paint colors for the flare. It usually takes 2-weeks for production.

Cast Metal

Cast aluminum letters are a perfect option. It has the strength that would help your sign last a long time. Also, being free from lead and mercury makes it a very environment-friendly choice.

Laminated Metal

This type is a perfect pick for reception areas. You have a variety of choices among metal and foil laminates. These are also available in different thicknesses.

Fabricated Metal

It is lighter than metal letters and is strong & stable. Fabricated metal work well for exterior signs as they are corrosion resistant with crisp edges.

Laser Cut Acrylic

These are fully customizable letters with a high durability rate. They come in different colors and thicknesses. Plus, they have a very short production time.

Formed Plastic

Formed plastic dimensional sign letters are waterproof and environment-friendly. There are many variations in style and colors. These are also available in front or backlit forms. They are the best options if you are tight on budget.

So, as you have seen, there are many options to choose from, with several shapes and sizes available. There is no need to flood yourself with it, just reach out to Excel Signs, LLC, and we’ll help you out! Call us at  281.720.8053.