Tips for Effective Business Signs

As you drive to work every day and stop on the traffic signal, you notice many of the business signage giving details of what is offered by them. But there are only a few that grab our attention and convince us to read what is presented on them. There are others that hardly appeal to us. So what is it that is missing in them that they fail to attract us? Effective signs that manage to get even ten seconds of our valuable attention have some unique attributes that all signs do not have.

The ones that serve no purpose either are not visible from a distance or are so crammed with information that they give our eyes unnecessary strain. A business sign is the most affordable source of advertising; therefore, businesses should utilize it in a way that it creates and leaves a strong impact on the customers.

The following are some important tips for making your signs effective:


No matter how important a piece of information is if it is not visible to people, it is of no use. Visibility is the first condition for the business sign to create an impact. By keeping the message as precise and clear as possible, you can reach and attract the maximum people towards your brand.

Clear and Precise information

When a few words can do the job, why use extra. It is human psychology that people do not like to read a lot of information at a single glance. Therefore, if you want people to see and read your information, make it concise and to the point. Too much-cluttered information is less likely to be visible and noticed by people.

Appropriate font

The choice of font to appear on the sign can change the entire look of your signage. Generally, the fonts which are easy to read feel pleasant to the eyes. Extraordinarily large font covering the whole sign may become difficult for the eyes to catch the words.

Furthermore, understanding the effect contrasting colors can make is essential. Choosing the appropriate font color that is easily legible on the background helps the message to stand out. A general rule is to use the opposite colors so that the message becomes clearly visible.

Contrasting colors

An excellent sign will always take care of the contrasting colors of the background and the font. The right contrasting combination can add life to the sign. Wisely chosen colors increase the legibility and make the message clear for the reader. Usually, a white or a light background would look better with darker shades of the font.

The following chart can help know the colors that contrast well with each other

Excel Signs Systems

1. White on Black
2. Black on White
3. Yellow on Black
4. Black on Yellow
5. Blue on White
6. White on Blue
7. Blue on Yellow
8. Yellow on Blue
9. Green on white
10. Red on White
11. White on Red
12. Red on Yellow
13. Yellow on Red
14. White on Green
15. Brown on White
16. White on Brown

Hierarchy of fonts

People tend to read comparatively larger fonts first. Therefore, the main message if is visible in a larger size, becomes more legible and easy to read. Furthermore, placing important information at the top is necessary so that the customers do not miss it.

Go simple

People get tempted to use artistic font styles to give their signage a classy look. But it should be remembered that the script font becomes challenging to read. The more you make the font size simple on the signage, the more attention it will grab. Effective signs usually have simple yet effective fonts.

Letter Height

The size or height of letters makes a difference in the visibility of the content of the sign. If the sign is at a distance, a small size font will not do any good. Similarly, the large font size will have a lesser impact if the sign is to be seen from close proximity

The following chart helps to understand the ration between font size and distance.

Letter Height Impact Readable Distance
3″ 30′ 100′
4″ 40′ 150′
8″ 60′ 200′
9″ 80′ 350′
10″ 100′ 400′
12″ 120′ 450′
15″ 150′ 525′
18″ 180′ 630′
24″ 240′ 750′
30″ 300′ 1000′
36″ 360′ 1250′
42″ 420′ 1500′
48″ 480′ 1750′
54″ 540′ 2000′
60″ 600′ 2500′

It is not always the message that wins the hearts of the customers, rather the design of your sign also plays an active role. An attractive sign can do alone what 100 men together would do. So be smart and let your business signs play a crucial role in turning random customers into loyal customers.

How important are commercial signs for your business?

After setting up your business, the first step is to put up signage on the exterior of the building. This will be a loud announcement of the existence of your business. Your signage gives the first orientation of your business to the customers. As a result, many of the customers who pass by your building dare to enter it looking at the commercial sign you place at your location. The commercial sign will act as a powerful tool in recognizing your business name as a brand. Therefore, the more attractive the signage will be, the better will be the inflow of the new customers. Excel Sign Systems, a signage company in Houston, TX, helps you build a sign that is graceful and stylish.

How does your business sign work for you?

The commercial signs at the outside or entrance of your building become your brand ambassador. It convinces a random customer to step inside your store or office to check out on your brand. Furthermore, for new customers, commercial signs can set the first impression of the business. Customers often judge the quality of the product based on the business sign. If the first impression is eloquent, it will persuade the new customer to stay loyal to your brand. Excel Sign Systems develops signs that have a lasting impact on potential customers. Eventually, this will help increase your business.

Commercial signs attract

Your commercial sign also acts as a sales agent and takes your message forward. It is one of the important strategies to make your brand known to the public. As a result, these become an important source of attracting new customers. They also remind the regular customers of the brand they use. However, outdoor signs alone do not influence customers. The indoor signs play an equally significant role. The indoor wall signs help customers who have entered your store to know what is where. A good commercial sign will make your brand stand out and be identified distinctly in several signs. Excel Sign Systems is one of the commercial sign companies in Houston that does that. It makes your business signs so vibrant that your brand speaks for itself.

Commercial signs act as a reminder

Your brand’s logo works as a reminder for your business. If the brand name is visible in the surrounding, it will remain in memory for a longer duration. Many of the customers remain loyal when they keep looking at the brand name, going up and down a street. Often people reach their place of work by driving themselves or using public transport. In either case, the signs placed on the exterior of the building will be visible to a large number of people. These can be a potential source of charming the customers towards the brand. Eventually, this would increase the prospects of business to a great extent. Excel Sign Systems is one of the sign companies in Houston that maintains its standard. It makes commercial signs professional making stay in people’s thoughts. It would make your commercial signs inescapable.

Commercial signs are economic

Attracting a mass population towards your brand needs a good amount of investment. Advertising on television and newspaper reach a good lot of people. However, it is expensive and has a very short life span. Commercial signs do the same but at a very effective cost. The exterior signs are an economical way to keep branding your business at a very low cost. Therefore, it is a great return on investment. The initial investment in commercial signs might look costly. However, exterior signs eventually pay for themselves. The brand name stays visible 24/7 and ultimately generates a greater sale. So if you choose to have an attractive yet economical sign display, we are the right choice. As local signs company in Houston, TX 77041, we care for our local clients.

Your signs are a link between online and the real world

With each passing day, the business is transforming into a digital world. However, the physical existence of the brand name cannot be underestimated. The digital impact takes a physical shape when the customers remember the brand name. Commercial Signs is one of the sources through which the digital world gets connected to the real world. The customers, whether online or offline, would only buy your brand when they remember it. Therefore, to get online customers, the commercial sign should be visually captivating. Excel Sign System, a sign company in Houston, makes all your desires of dream signage come true. It creates commercial signs for your business which get the online customers glued — thus motivating them to purchase the product.

In conclusion, it signifies that the business sign of the company creates an impact on the success of the business. The Commercial signs help people know where the business is located and what it offers. It also provides additional information about the business. This helps in dragging the forgotten customers back to the brand.

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