Here Are Some Awesome Signage Ideas for Your Next Event

What good is an event without a sign? Signage adds to the ambiance and experience of an event. An event can be a waste of time for attendees if they cannot have an awesome time learning and enjoying.

Signage is important everywhere. Then why should an event or a festival be deprived of a sign? We understand that getting the right type of sign is tricky, so here is a list of event signage ideas. These will help boost your business or social event, and those attending will have a wonderful experience.

Digital Signs

Digital Signs are next to none when it comes to event organizing. Here is an idea of how you can use them to boost your next event:

  • Dynamic information displayed out front
  • Live audience response results
  • Real-time social media wall
  • Social Schedule at a glance

From social to a business event, digital signage is the main event signage idea and can benefit any event. Although digital signboards are fun to use, they are costly. Displaying particular info is the key to owning digital displays during events. It all comes down to increasing your visitors’ experience at your next event while staying low on the budget.

Wayfinding & Directional Banners

Wayfinding and directional signs help in easy navigation of a place. Events have many attendees, and it gets difficult to navigate without help. Using banners for wayfinding and directional signs take care of free-moving navigation. You can use overhead banners, so the audience never has to stop mid-event and ask for help. With less confusion in finding their way, the attendees will have more time to enjoy the event.

Other than having overhead wayfinding and directional banners, another event signage idea is to have color-specific banners for large events for more specific navigation.

Floor Decals

Floor decals are a distinctive way to display your brand and are fun event signage ideas. You can partner up with local artists for a better graffiti look or opt for a signage company to get brand-specific floor decals. With the right decal, attendees will show interest, take pictures, and put them up on social media. This will improve their experience of your event and help your business receive some cool shootouts. If your event’s being held for several days, then a decal on the street can garner more attendees.

Crowd Control Banner Sleeve

For large events, crowd control banner sleeves can actually help you out. Placing organizers and worrying about overcrowding of a particular area is always an issue at most events. But using these banners will provide a line of separation for visitors.

Events are all about socializing and mingling while expanding your business. Doing all of this without having to worry about thousands of other things such as event signs, does help a lot. We have taken away half of those worries by suggesting these four event signage ideas. Plus, here at Excel Signs LLC, we take care of the rest of your worries.

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