Impact of ideal Sign sizes

November 30, 2019 0 Comments

Businesses need eye-catching signs that speak on their behalf to the customers. But do the size sign sizes make a difference in the impact these create? In majority cases, signage size determines the success of the outdoor business sign. Even an exceptionally designed sign would not successfully attract customers if the size is not appropriate.

Deciding the right size of the sign is crucial. The sign that is too huge may not complement the exterior of your building. If the sign would be too small, it would hardly be noticed by people. The ideal sign sizes are difficult to be ignored by the passerby. They are also able to attract people from a distance because of being clearly visible.

The two main factors that should be considered before deciding the size of the exterior building sign are as follows:

  • Location of the sign:

    Before you begin to determine the sign sizes for your business, consider the location at which it will be placed. If it is placed right outside the building then it should not be huge to become difficult for people to read from a close distance. Similarly, if you are placing the sign at a place where it would be visible from a distance it needs to be of a larger size.

  • Design of the sign:

    Design that you wish to have of the sign also becomes a dominating factor in judging the appropriate sign sizes. Design and size should complement each other. The size decided for the sign will act as a guide to design the sign. If the size is smaller, the information on it should not be cluttered. Furthermore, the size also determines the font size that should go on the sign. Vice versa, the design that you pick up for the sign can guide you to decide the right size.

Excel Sign Systems

takes complete consideration of all the factors before finalizing the sign sizes and ensures to provide you the one that will enhance the aesthetics of your building. For further information on choosing the right size for your business sign call us on 281.720.8053