LED Lighted Letters and other commercial signage options

October 30, 2020 0 Comments

Running any business today is not a piece of cake; new challenges pop up daily, the economy is tough and cutthroat competition is going in the market. The situation has become even more challenging after COVID-19 has struck the world. Many companies have shut down, and the remaining ones are trying their best to maintain positions in the market and target more customers. Hence, effective marketing is one of the essential tools today. This includes branding everything from the front door, signboard, slogan, products, and services. A signboard is a necessary part of showcasing your business in front of customers. The use of LED lighted letters makes your brand prominent for the customers to read. The more appealing the sign is, it will attract more people and further the quality of products and services offered will boost your name in the market.

Signage is one way your customers can quickly locate you; obviously, success is when more people know your location and what you offer. Many different signage types are available, but which one suits your business and attracts your customers? Find out.

LED Lighted Letters

LED is one of the most popular ways of lightening up your letters. During the daytime crowd that passes by can easily read your name; the LED lighted letters are clear and prominent even from a distance away at night. They are appealing and attractive, and the brightness catches the audience’s attention at the signage. Even the people who are driving will read your signboard at a glance if they don’t slow down or stop. Along with LED, neon is also familiar in such signage, but LED is a much feasible option. If you want your brand to catch the eye in front of your competitor, one way is by having the LED Lighted letters for your signage.

Carved and painted signs

A carved sign also has a lasting effect; it gives some depth to your brand letters. These are put up in the streets and are detail-oriented. It requires excellent skills and expertise to make these signs; these are smooth and use vinyl graphics for painting. Its beauty will attract people to your premises. Besides this, another way is to get a painted sign for your brand. It will give a personal touch by using handcrafted letters. However, along with paint, the character can have vinyl or painted graphics or even digital graphics.

Monument and dimensional signs

A monument sign portrays your business’s professionalism, along with outdoors, it can also mount on the walls if your business is inside the shopping mall or plaza. The letters catch the immediate attention of the crowd, and its elegance is eye-catching. Monument signs are also found commonly at hospitals, universities, and museums. Another signage is dimensional letters; it is also available in lots of varieties and materials to choose from.

So whether it is LED lighted letters or any other type, at Excel Sign System, we have a range of options available for signage to boost up your business and attract your customers. To know more about our products and service, call us at 281.720.8053 .