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It is eminent to let the customers know where you locate in Houston. The easier the customers can find you, the better will be your business. Pylon signs become the best source to find a particular business amongst many. These tall signs alert the people passing by of which brand lies ahead and around them. Therefore, if you want your business sign visible even on Motorways, use a Pylon Sign.

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs: What, Where and How

Pylon sign, also known as a multi-tenant sign or plaza sign is a must for any shopping center or other property with many tenants. The display on these signs is in sections. Each section shows the tenant’s name and the company’s logo. Excel Sign Systems in Houston can custom design a Pylon sign that will make you and your tenants happy.

Plaza signs are also great for office buildings. Gas stations often use these signs to display their rates and fuel types. The Pylon signs can either be single-sided or double-sided. This depends on the number of business located at a particular place. Mostly Plaza Signs illuminate so that the brand is visible even from a distance. However, even if multi-tenants do not exist, a company can install Pylon Signs. It would make the brand name visible from far away. A pylon sign can be of the following forms:

  1. Single Pole mount: It is an economical sign that makes your brand name stand taller than others. This makes it visible from far. A single sign supports these 80 to 100 feet tall signs.
  2. Twin Pole mount: Poles at both ends support a twin pole-mounted sign. This helps give greater stability to the signage. It provides an edge to the customers to design it at varied dimensions.
  3. Covered Pole: It is four sides covered from all directions. It provides higher chances of being creative with design and content.
  4. Custom lightbox: These lit from inside and made for single or multiple businesses. Shopping malls use such signs for displaying their tenants.

Our Excellence in Pylon Signs

Excel Sign Systems in Houston is one of the signage companies that excels in designing the Plaza Signs. Our impactful signs will help drive business to your property for years. With the variety of Pylon Signs available, we can provide you the one that you desire. Excel Sign Systems can make Pylon signs from 2 meters to 25 meters high. We also customize the signs to suit the requirement of your business. Furthermore, Excel Sign Systems designs signs that are remarkable and fully illuminated. We make LED moving messages signs as well for the clients who wish to keep their Pylon Signs moving.

Pylon Signs

The Valued Pylon Signs

Standing taller than other signs, Pylon Signs become visible even during a rush. The Pylon Signs not only attract the customers, but also most of the time are difficult to ignore. A moving messages display will make your sign even catchier. A single pylon sign can advertise multi businesses which will reduce the cost considerably. Following a Pylon Sign, customers even reach places challenging otherwise. Excel Sign Systems in Houston can guide you to choose the sign that goes with the nature of your business.

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