Reverse lit channel letters and other types of signage

A sign is a reflection of the business. Many of us will not remember the name quickly, but the sign reminds us of the place. It has to be large and bold for everyone to read easily. The use of Channel letters for signage is widespread and commonly found in many areas. Hence, outside shops, restaurants, and companies, we often see lively and attractive channel letters. These LED signs use internally illuminated letters to give a bright look. The notes are clear and visible far from a long-distance, creating a positive image of the brand. However, there are different kinds of channel letters; reverse-lit channel letters are among the many popular types. So, here in this blog, we will discuss various channel letters and their impact on the customer.

Reverse lit channel letters

Another name for this is halo-lit letters, these signs mount on the wall or raceway. The letters in this type of sign have an aluminum look. The channel letters have LED lights that shine from inside, giving a glow to the letters producing the halo effect. This is why the reverse-lit channel letters are also known as halo lit signs. This type is present where the brand image is distinctive, elegant, and famous. However, brands that want to create a lasting impression prefer this type of channel letters.

Front-lit channel letters

This is another common type of standard channel letters. Here the aluminum is on the back and sides. The LEDs and neon light illuminate the messages from inside, and its customization is as per the business demands.

Front/backlit channel letters

This is an elaborative and fancy style in bright, illuminating colors with a halo effect. It is a mixture of the above two-channel letters discussed but with a twist. The letters are three-dimensional, and as the customer requires, its size, fonts, and color are adjusted. These fix on the walls and raceways. Besides having a great look, the back’s design is such a way that animals cannot form a nest inside the letters.

Open face lit channel letters

This type is similar to the front-lit channel letters. The only difference is the use of neon for lightening the messages instead of LEDs. Neon is visible from inside as the face of the sign is very clear. They glow excellently at night. We find an open face lit channel letters on nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

Fixing channel letters

Putting up channel letters at the correct place is as important as the sign itself. One of the famous places is at the raceway. The raceway is a metal box that has electrical wirings and connection for the individual letters. The box is of the color that goes with the brand’s sign and the building architecture to look great. Another place to mount the sign is directly on the walls of the building. But, with this type, the electrical wirings will come at the back of channel letters. There are other ways too.

So, if you want to get your reverse-lit channel letters or any other type of signage, contact Excel Sign Systems. Call us at 281.720.8053 .

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