What are Different Types of Interior Signs and Where Should You Place Them?

Exterior signs are a great way to attract customers, but it is the interior signs that create a lasting impression on your clients. Interior signs serve a bunch of purposes for your customers and employees, for example:

  • They help visitors find their way.
  • Assist disabled individuals with navigation.
  • Can make your workspace more employee-friendly
  • They help reinforce your brand identity.

Let us walk you through some types of interior signs that can help amp up the insides of your office building:

ADA Signs

ADA signs make your life a lot easier by providing directions for people with visual impairments. From small to large scale businesses, these signs show your clients how much you care about them and their needs.


Embedded LED Signs

LED letters can vary in font, size, and design. They can be lit and arranged according to your advertising needs. With embedded LED signs, you can give your office that retro yet professional look and still maintain your brand’s consistency.

Banners & Posters

Banners and posters are a cost-effective and an amazing way to increase awareness of your brand. They are easy to look after and can be installed on most surfaces. They serve as a great indoor advertising tool for businesses and showcase their achievements, promotions, products & services, and much more.

Window & Wall Graphics

So much can be done with window and wall graphics, you can turn open walls spaces into:

  • History walls
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Employee/Service of the month boards
  • Promotional/Sales announcement boards

With these types of building interior signs, the possibilities are endless.

Directional Signs

Directional & wayfinding signs let visitors navigate your office building without any trouble.

We hope we have inspired you to consider these types of interior signs for your building.

Don’t hesitate to contact Excel Sign Systems LLC with any questions you might have regarding interior signs and setting them up. Call us at 281.720.8053. 

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