What Does Your Outdoor Sign Board Look Like?

If you pass by a shopping mall or a clothing brand, what is that one thing that you remember about it? Its outdoor signboard, right? And do not be surprised if you tend to remember the ones the most that you liked it in the first place. Your remembrance awards full points and a positive return on investment to the business owner because he took time and investment to design and place a good outdoor signboard.

So what are the qualities of an outdoor signboard that make it attractive and memorable for a customer?


The first and foremost principle that applies to a good signboard is its visibility. If the board is hidden because of a tree or a building how come the people know about your brand? A common rule applies here, ‘what you see is what you buy.’ So make sure that you place your board in such a location and position that is visible to most of the people and most of the time. Means your sign should be visible during the day and night, and rain and storm.


Information written on the signboard should not be too lengthy nor too brief. Meaning that customers should not lose the focus in finding useful information. The information provided should be narrow and to the point. When someone sees the sign, he or she should get a clear view of what your brand or product is about, how and where to get the product, and your website, store, or contact number.


Do you remember any ugly outdoor signboards? Of course not, why would you! If you do not want to listen to this about your signboard, make an attractive and appealing one. And make sure it contrasts your product or brand.

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